Making synbiotic product(s) with carrot pomace


Juice Product New Zealand (JPNZ) is one of NZ’s top producing carrot and fruit juice. Huge quantity of carrot pomace is produced as the by-product. The carrot pomace is rich in nutrients and fibre. JPNZ would like to add value to them by collaborating with a partner to develop synbiotics products with it.


  • The solution should be synbiotic and food grade at the endpoint and preferably generally recognised as safe (GRAS) ingredients.   
  • Technology Readiness Level: level 7 and above.
  • Application of the technology will be in JPNZ, Timaru and NZ.

Desired Outcome

  • The developed product will be used in various food and beverages applications and JPNZ is willing to explore this concept with any company/institute/centre of innovation.

Development Timeframe

  • Viable for use in food in the next 1-2 years.
  • A 3 to 5 years horizon can be considered if the product is novel food as the application for approval requires time.



Further Enquiries

  • For specific enquiries on the challenge statement, please contact here 
  • For any general enquiries, please contact here

Sustainability Open Innovation Challenge - Enterprise


Sumitomo Asia and JPNZ


Waste Reduction

Proposal submissions are open from 24 Nov 2020 12:00AM to 5 Mar 2021 12:00AM