Aiming for zero fruit loss


Dole is involved in the business of growing and processing fruits in Thailand and Philippines. These fruits primarily include Pineapple, Banana, Papaya, Guava, and Mango, and a smaller quantity of Watermelon, Aloe Vera, Mandarin Orange, Rambutan.

Before our products reach the distribution stage, we lose and waste fruits or parts of fruit due to various reasons:

  • Visual and Specification requirements for Quality at farm/factories
  • Inedible fruit parts that are not used in current product portfolio
  • By-Product from factories including the pressed pulp of skin and seeds/stones

Current streams that we want to move out to more valuable stream are:

  • Biogas
  • Feedstock for Animal
  • Landfill


  • We are looking for opportunities that can help reduce or upcycle fruit lost and wasted in various parts of our value chain. The primary target area will be our factories/packing houses, so the major source will be already consolidated in one place.
  • For upcycling, we will not only be interested in the Food & Beverage industry with a focus on application in Beverages and Snacks, but we will be happy to explore other opportunities as well.
  • For potential applications in Food & Beverage or other industries, it will be important to understand if the claims/benefits of potential application can be validated through lab analysis or tests.

Desired Outcome

  • In terms of the location for the source it will be Thailand and Philippines, for the product side it will be Global markets, or any specific market as well if there is unique advantage of going to a specific market.
  • We are happy to provide mentorship, and a potential pilot if the solution is suitable. 

Development Timeframe

  • We are looking to work with start-ups at any stage of maturity, or SME but we would love “ready-to-market” solutions



Further Enquiries

  • For specific enquiries on the challenge statement, please contact here
  • For any general enquiries, please contact here 

Sustainability Open Innovation Challenge - Enterprise




Waste Reduction

Proposal submissions are open from 24 Nov 2020 12:00AM to 5 Mar 2021 12:00AM