Sustainable infrastructure solution for business operation in less developed areas


SDC is seeking off-grid, innovative and creative solutions to improve the infrastructure in less developed areas to facilitate visitorship while leveraging and maintaining the rustic settings of these areas.

To enable the activation of these less developed areas, basic infrastructure to support visitor activities needs to be addressed first. As such, SDC would like to seek for solutions in the following areas: power supply, potable water, sewage/waste management, transportation and mobile communication.

SDC is looking for next-gen solutions that can be put up with minimal investment so that they can be testbed quickly. The solutions should have minimal impact on the environment or require very minimal preparation to be implemented. The solutions should also have a low impact on the environment e.g. does not require heavy preparation work to the current site.


  • The experience and solutions should protect and highlight the surrounding environment’s natural asset, history and ecology.
  • The solutions should be quick-to-implement and also “light touch” in the approach to minimise the impact on the surrounding environment.
  • Based on the current assumptions for activations, the total power estimates to be approximately 85kW (subject to change). Total water requirement approximately about 12m3/hour.  There is also a need for water purification/filtration system for the supply of portable water.
  • Location for the prototypes should also fall within certain specified outlined areas.
  • It should support an estimated 100 people daily within the area for accommodation, attractions and leisure activities.
  • Composting toilets can be considered but proper sewer treatment/discharge is preferred.
  • The idea is to look for innovative solutions for waste discharge due to the limitations of the public sewer system in particular areas.
  • The digital solution will have to be compatible and interoperable.
  • SDC will provide the venue and facilitate discussions with relevant agencies.
  • Target innovator community:
    • Solutions from IHLs, SMEs, start-ups and corporations are all welcomed
  • Geographic reach:
    • International. Solutions need not be confined to Singapore/Asia.

Desired Outcome

  • There is no cost target for the solutions, but it should not be cost-prohibitive for a short 2-year period for activation.
  • Solutions should be more cost-efficient than an extension of existing services/infrastructure to the activation areas.
  • Potential for the solutions to be utilised across Sentosa’s businesses especially with the shift to digitalisation and focus on sustainability.

Development Timeframe

  • ​​​​​​Prototype by – End Feb 2021
  • Solution by – Q3 2021



Further Enquiries

  • For specific enquiries on the challenge statement, please contact here   
  • For any general enquiries, please contact here

Sustainability Open Innovation Challenge - Enterprise


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Resource Efficiency

Proposal submissions are open from 24 Nov 2020 12:00AM to 5 Mar 2021 12:00AM