Enhance solar power generation systems for implementation in farmlands


ENEOS Corporation, one of the largest Japanese oil and metals conglomerates, is seeking for low carbon technologies in its effort to advance the energy transition movement towards sustainable and green power generation. As a mean to expand its business offerings, ENEOS is seeking technology partners with enabling technologies to enhance and increase the adoption of solar photovoltaic technologies to support agricultural activities in Japan.

Standard roof-top solar photovoltaic systems are not ideal for implementation on farmlands as they affect the amount of sunlight for plants. This would impact crop yield and hence, farmers’ livelihood. ENEOS is interested in solar power generation system which can be implemented on farmlands to provide power for farming activities (e.g. power automatic water irrigation system) while allowing farmers to sell excess solar power generated back to the grid. This will enable farmers to generate additional revenue from selling solar power aside from selling their harvest. Ultimately, the proposed solution should make a strong business case to encourage farmers to adopt the technology for powering their farming operations while generating an additional revenue stream.


The proposed solar power generation system should not impact farming crop yield and should make a strong business case for farmers to adopt the solution. The proposed solution may consist of but not limited to the following:

  • Solar photovoltaic technologies with high power efficiency and narrow footprint are preferred
  • Solar thermal technologies which can generate hot water from sunlight
  • Low cost technologies to facilitate the selling of excess solar energy such as the energy storage system in the farm environment
  • Enabling technologies which can enhance power generated by solar panels (e.g. coatings)
  • Minimum required technology readiness level: 4                                                  
  • No restriction, however, the POC will be performed in Japan.

Desired Outcome

  • Increase renewable energy adoption rate especially in farmlands
  • Encourage the reuse of abandoned cultivated lands

Development Timeframe

  • To start POC of new technologies or solutions within 1 year



Further Enquiries

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Sustainability Open Innovation Challenge - Enterprise


ENEOS Holdings, Inc.


Renewable Energy

Proposal submissions are open from 24 Nov 2020 12:00AM to 5 Mar 2021 12:00AM